Licensed Massage Therapist
& Birth Doula,

Michele Sinacore


About Michele

I am a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist based in Manhattan. I graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Marymount Manhattan College. My roots are from Lansdale, PA where I spent my childhood. I have been living in New York for over a decade where I have had the opportunity to gain education in many fields, such as, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Acting, Costume Design, Dance & Movement and Kinesiology. My passion for health and wellness in the holistic realm stemmed from Vegetarianism and Yoga over a decade ago. I continue to educate myself on the constant new discoveries about the human body to better give clients a way of living a healthy, happy and abundant life. I see myself as a healthcare facilitator who triggers the client's ability within, to heal themselves.




WOW! What an incredible massage. I have been seeing Michele for almost a year now and I don’t think I could live without her. The best therapist I have had to date!
— Heather Hamilton


 I use a technique of integrated Western and Eastern modalities to suit each individual client's needs ranging from rehabilitation, injuries, emotional stress and overall wellness. I help the client become a part of his or her own healing process to facilitate a quicker and more enjoyable way of feeling better.

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 My Office

48 W 21st St, Suite 909   

New York, New York                    

(267) 664-5990                        



I encourage a holistic approach to self-care, which extends the benefits of massage therapy. With that in mind, I refer clients to other local wellness practitioners. These complementary treatments include acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, physical therapy, reiki and yoga.

Acupuncture is an incredible healing modality to regulate emotional and physical imbalances in the body. Marc Gian, Lac, is a long-term practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Herbs, whose office of located in the Flatiron district. Mention my name when you make your first appointment! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Physical Therapy is usually a referral from your medical doctor and necessary for post op recovery, overuse injuries and physical disabilities. Stride Physical Therapy, a neighborhood studio, offers excellent care from the moment you begin your recovery until the very end. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Reiki, meaning spiritual or transcendent life force energy, is an ancient Japanese natural healing system. Sessions help to facilitate healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through light touch on the body or above the body to focus energy. Lauren Schoch works at the midtown Wellness Collective. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE